Response to NARM Examination Site Closures

During the past two weeks, the sites that administer the NARM exam have been gradually closing due to the COVID-19 virus. Between the closure of Colleges and Universities where most of our testing sites are located and the shelter-in-place orders in more and more states, there are very few test sites still accepting candidates. It is likely to be two months or more before the test sites are up and running.

However, the good news is that NARM is working diligently to make alternative arrangements for testing. The option of testing at home using a computer with a video monitor has been used in other programs for several years, but rarely for high-stakes testing. It has not been allowed at all for accredited certification programs. Now with tests sites closed across the country (not just NARM’s, but all professional testing sites), the Institute for Credentialing Excellence is working with certification programs to allow “remote proctoring” in some situations.

NARM is applying for this waiver to the accreditation standards. When/if the waiver is granted, we will be able to offer the exam to candidates who are eligible for testing during the waiver period. The waiver is expected to be temporary, just for the period when test sites are not available. As soon as we know the waiver has been granted, all eligible candidates will be notified and can make arrangements with Prov to take their exam.

More information about this situation will be conveyed via eBlast as soon as possible.

If you have additional questions, please contact us via email at or call us at 888-842-4784.

eBlast emailed April 3, 2020

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