Registration Requirement for Preceptors of PEP Candidates

Just a reminder for preceptors and PEP students, effective January 1, 2017, NARM preceptors were required to be registered before supervising any clinical experiences documented on a PEP student’s NARM Application. Skills/clinical experiences signed off after that date by a preceptor who is not registered with NARM will be invalid.

Please note that midwifery schools may have their own preceptor requirements. If you are a student enrolled in a midwifery school and not applying as a PEP candidate, please contact your school’s administrator for questions regarding their preceptor policies and requirements.

To Register as a NARM Registered Preceptor

Interested midwives should download the Preceptor Handbook and application located here. Students might also find this handbook helpful.

GOLD Preceptor Webinar

Learn about the history of the CPM credential and requirements to become a NARM Registered Preceptor. Understand setting clear expectations, ethical considerations, charting recommendations and responsibilities in the student-preceptor relationship. Get an overview of current NARM student requirements to help understand the documentation your student needs. Plus, NARM speakers will provide answers to real-life frequently asked questions!

Watch this webinar and earn 1 Continuing Education Unit approved by the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC) to use towards your CPM recertification requirement.

Click here for more information about the webinar. Registration is free!

If you have any additional questions or want to verify that your preceptor is registered with NARM, please contact us at or 888-842-4784.

eBlast emailed November 6, 2018

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